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About RSI

Established in the year 2000, Raffles Skills Lab International Training Centre (RSI) together with our team of experts and highly qualified lecturers as well as trainers have been providing learning to the community’s quest for excellence through a wide range of programs and services, adapting to the continually changing needs of adult learners in the ever-challenging world.

RSI delivers accredited courses and short programmes that can enhance your skills and excel your career. We provide quality training, an abundance of support, flexible delivery options and employ only passionate and experienced people that aim to empower our learners.

We serve corporate partners from Multi-National Companies, Small Medium Enterprises, Private Education Institutes, Private & Main Stream Schools, Child Care, and Student Care Centres.


Corporate Background

Raffles Skills Lab International Training Centre (RSI) is part of Horizon Education Asia Limited (HEAL). The group is created as an educational platform across four verticals - Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary & Training Institutes.

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Our Presence in Singapore

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Tuitions / Enrichments

Childcare / Nursery / Kindergarten / Pre-schools

Group Mission

To provide the best education services, tailored to the needs of the communities we serve through our rapidly growing network of educational facilities across the Southeast Asia region.

Group Vision

To establish an impactful educational platform in the Southeast Asia region emphasizing the importance of education in changing the future.

Organizational Chart 

RSI Organizational Chart V7 Mar2023.jpg
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