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Child Care & Student Care


Fundamentals Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education (FCECCE)

The course is designed to teach and equip participants with the skills necessary for understanding children development, along with how to manage these children throughout their growing stages.


Age-Appropriate Activity Planning

This course teaches you the basic skills of planning and developing adaptable classroom activities and assignments for students, taking into consideration their respective age groups and profiles


Dealing with Diverse Behaviour

Working with students from different backgrounds takes meticulous care and attention. This course, participants will be exposed to different strategies and methods that assist in dealing with diverse student behaviours.


Working with Parents

Communicating with parents (and families) to create a better environment for your students is a crucial step in their development and learning. This course aims to teach different methods and concepts to promote your student’s welfare.


Image by Sigmund

Abobe Illustrator for Aspiring Graphic Designers

Are you passionate about the visual arts, and think you have a flair for communicating through graphics? If so, this course could be for you!


Adobe Photoshop for Aspiring Content Designers

Want to know how you can bring out the beauty in the photographs? This would be a great starting course to become a photo editor.

Image by Sean Lim

Canva Design for Marketing

Instead of hiring a designer for your business, learn the basics of Canva design to save cost and time! Start creating enticing visuals to aid your marketing efforts.


Image by Jason Goodman

The Art of Team Aceleration

Learn the secrets to great leadership skills. Excel in any team with respect from your peers and superiors. 

Image by Austin Distel

The Winning Manager Mindset

In order to be a good leader for any team, first, we should strive to be an excellent manager. Learn what it takes to have the correct managerial mindset. 



The Educators' Toolbox - Fundamentals of Teaching Online

Learn various digital platforms and tools you can use to conduct online classes and enhance the learning experience of your students

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