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Adobe Illustrator for Aspiring Graphic Designers

Discover your inner designer!

 We offer Adobe Illustrator classes for aspiring graphic designers, teaching you the skills and techniques to take your creativity to the next level. Join us and start your creative journey today

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Adobe Illustrator for
Aspiring Graphic 

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful vector graphic design software used by professional graphic designers and illustrators. Our Adobe Illustrator for Aspiring Graphic Designers course will teach you how to create logos, illustrations, and other graphics with precision. You will learn to create complex vector shapes, apply color gradients, and design eye-catching visuals. With this course, you can take your creative ideas to the next level and make your designs stand out

Choosing Your Pathway

With our faculty and a comprehensive curriculum, you can learn the skills you need for Adobe Illustrator Program.

Academic Entry Requirements

  • Secondary 2

Other Requirements

  • Proficient in English Literacy and Writing

  • Basic Computer Literacy

  • Basic Design Knowledge


This course helps you navigate around Illustrator and guides you on the creation of your first graphics design using various tools. You will be able to create graphic assets in line with your own company branding for use in your organization's digital marketing.

Training Components:

(1) Classroom Training (8 Hours)

Adobe Illustrator for Aspiring Graphic



Introduction to Design with ice breaker, Direct instruction 
(1 hour + 10 mins)

Course Overview: - What is Design - Importance of Design - Types of Design tools and software


Navigating User Interface, Direct instruction (1 hour)

Course Overview: - Layout, Changing the size and shape of artboards - Illustrator tools and toolbars, Keyboard shortcuts - Saving, Printing and exporting artwork


Design Principles, Direct instruction (1 hour 20 mins)

Course Overview: - Drawing basic shapes, scaling and rotating objects - Using the brush tools, Drawing with the Pen tool - Colors, Adding color fills and strokes, Working with spot colors and swatches


Design Principles (continued), Direct instruction (2 hours)

Course Overview: - Typography, Creating and editing layers, Creating type -Applying multiple fills and strokes, Appearance panel - Working with effects - Creating compound paths and shapes - Placing and embedding images


Hands-on Activity, Kinesthetic learning 
(2 hours 15 mins + 15 mins)

Course Overview: - Design your name card - Design an invitation card - Design a brochure


Fees and Funding

There are funding options available for enrolling in a course at Raffles Skills Lab International Training Center. Please contact our team for more information about the funding options available for the course you are interested in.

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