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Adobe Photoshop for Aspiring Content Designers

Ever dreamt of becoming a content designer? Look no further!  Learn the latest Adobe Photoshop techniques and hone your content designing skills.

With our experienced instructors, tools and resources, you will be able to create original content designs that will boost your confidence and help you stand out from the crowd.

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Adobe Photoshop for Aspiring Content Designers

At our Training Institute, we offer an in-depth Adobe Photoshop course to help aspiring content designers develop their skills. Our course covers all the fundamental concepts and techniques of Photoshop, from basic image editing to advanced graphic design. With our hands-on, practical approach, our students will gain the skills and confidence to create beautiful content for any project.

Choosing Your Pathway

With our faculty and a comprehensive curriculum, you can learn the skills you need for Adobe Photoshop Program.

Academic Entry Requirements

  • Secondary 2

Other Requirements

  • Proficient in English Literacy and Writing

  • Basic Computer Literacy

  • Basic Design Knowledge


This course helps you navigate around the complex user interface in Photoshop and guides you on the various tools Photoshop has for editing. You will be able to enhance digital images and create graphic illustrations for their marketing use. In this hands-on introductory workshop, we will walk you through photoshops basic capabilities and use tools and techniques to edit images and create visual design mock-ups

Training Components:

(1) Classroom Training (120 Hours)

(2) Supervised Practice (60 Hours)

Adobe Photoshop for Aspiring Content Designers



Introduction to Design, Direct instruction (1 hour)

Course Overview: - What is Design - Importance of Design - Types of Design tools and software


Design Principles, Direct instruction (1 hour)

Course Overview: - Colors - Typography - Images and Layout


Photoshop (part 1/2), Direct instruction (1.5 hours)

Course Overview: -Introducing Adobe Photoshop - Document Setup, Workspace, Layers - Image Editing, Selection tools, Resize and Crop Images


Photoshop (part 2/2), Direct instruction (2 hours)

Course Overview: - Changing the background of images - Removing unwanted objects from images, Image adjustment, and/or corrections - Working with filters, Creating graphics -Using Photoshop Brushes, Download and Installing Fonts - Working with the Type Tool and Blending Modes


Output, Direct instruction (0.5 hours)

Course Overview: -Preparing files for output, Printing and Exporting Images


Hands-on Activity, Kinesthetic learning (2 hours)

Course Overview: - Create movie poster - Image Enhancement


Fees and Funding

There are funding options available for enrolling in a course at Raffles Skills Lab International Training Center. Please contact our team for more information about the funding options available for the course you are interested in.

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