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Certificate In Early Childhood Care & Education 

We are proud to offer our Fundamentals Certificate In Early Childhood Care & Education Program.


This program is designed to provide the latest knowledge and skills essential for those wishing to work in the early childhood care sector.


With this certification, our students are equipped with the necessary practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to excel in this field.

Harness Your Potential In Early Childhood Care & Education 

At Raffles Skills Lab International, We provide training courses for individuals seeking to develop their skills in Early Childhood Care and Education. Our team of experienced trainers guides aspiring professionals on their journey to success in the field of Early Childhood Learning.

Choosing Your Pathway

With our faculty and a comprehensive curriculum, you can learn the skills you need for Fundamentals Certificate In Early Childhood Care & Education Program.

Academic Entry Requirements:

  1. Secondary 2 or minimum 8 years of formal education

Other requirements:  

  1. Preferably secured a practicum host company

  2. Certified 'Fit' in the Pre-Employment Medical Exam for childcare center staff (medical check-up fees shall be fully borne by learners)


This course enables you as an assistant educator of children aged 18 months to 4 years^ to play a valuable and supporting role in assisting teachers in classroom management and supervision. From assisting in the preparation of teaching aids, caring for their children's physical needs to interacting with children, you will gain the necessary knowledge and competencies to play a more productive role in the context of a child care setting.

Training Components:

(1) Classroom Training (120 Hours)

(2) Supervised Practice (60 Hours)


Fundamentals Certificate In Early Childhood Care & Education 



Child Development & Guidance

Course Overview: - You will need to explain key learning theories to learners in relation to practice - You will need to apply basic skills of working with and guiding children - You will need to engage in reflective practice Assessment 1: Case Study (Individual Project) - 20 marks Assessment 2: Developmental Checklists (Group Project) - 50 marks Assessment 3: Quiz (Individual) - 30 marks


Creative Approaches to Caring & Learning (35 hours)

Course Overview: - You will need to apply skills in carrying out small group activities Assessment 1: Portfolio Assessment (Individual Project) - 50 marks Assessment 2: Resource Kit (Group Project) - 50 marks


Safety, Health, Nutrition (25 hours)

Course Overview: -You will need to practise skills in managing aspects of routine care -You will need to identify the areas of children’s safety, health and nutrition -You will need identify child abuse and neglect Assesement: Health Resource KitGroup Project Case Study: Group Project Quiz In-class (Individual Assessment)


Professional Development (20 hours)

Course Overview: -Your awareness on awareness of professional positions on children will be raised -Your positive sense of identity and personal effectiveness will be fostered Assesement: Role Play: Group Project Reflective Journal: Individual Project


Working with Families (10 hours)

Course Overview: -You will be able to promote and encourage positive relationships with families Assesment: Role Play: Group Project Case Study: Group Project


Supervised Practice (60 hours)

Course Overview: Internship Practicals Assessment: Daily Reflective Logs

Intake Schedule

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