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Privacy Policy

Raffles Skills Lab International Training Centre Privacy Policy.

 1. Course enrolment forms that are incomplete will be rejected. Please ensure that all fields have been filled

 2. Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

   a. All personal information collected is confidential and solely for administrative purposes (e.g registration, funding, etc)

   b. RSI is an appointed training provider by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to provide training and assessment for WSQ funded programmes. Based on SSG’s guideline, we will require all mandatory information for course registration, funding eligibility, e-cert application and Online Evaluation Survey (TRAQOM). 

NRIC is a necessary data field which SSG collects for proper governance of training grant disbursement. Trainees applying for SkillsFuture Funding are to provide their physical NRICs for the purpose of identification. Collection of NRIC number and other personal details is required to maintain accurate, complete and up-to-date records

  c. In the event that your written responses on this enrolment form appears illegible, we will request to copy your NRIC to avoid misinterpretation that could affect the matters stated in Clause 2b. Your records will be kept confidential. 

Nonetheless, if you do not wish for a copy of your NRIC to be made, please tick below in the course form: I do not wish for a copy of my NRIC to be made by RSI

  3. Other information collected from you (except NRIC number) may be used/disclosed to third parties where necessary for the following purposes:

  a. facilitating compliance with any law, customs and regulations which may be applicable

  b. marketing or offering of other services provided by RSI which may be of relevance or interest to the applicant, and

  c. any other reason that is responsible in connection with the above.

4. Course dates are correct at the time of print. RSI reserves the right to cancel or make any change to the course dates, as deemed necessary

5. Should you wish to defer from the course, your written notice and valid supporting document(s) must be received by RSI via email ( at least 3 working days1 before course start date. RSI will consider the grounds of your request on a case-to-case basis and communicate the outcome to you in writing. No request shall be assumed as auto approved

6. Should you wish to withdraw from the course, your written notice and valid supporting document(s) must be received by RSI via email ( The following applies:​


7. There will be no refund in the event of a ‘no-show’ by you on the first day of the course. Clause 8 applies

8. You will be charged the full course fee should the relevant funding application(s) be unsuccessful

9. You will not be allowed to continue with the course or proceed with assessment should your attendance fall below 75%. You will be imposed a penalty fee amounting up to the full course fee for your non-completion of the course

10. RSI reserves the right to remove you or any trainee from the course based on valid reason(s) where deemed fit

11. Separate charges will be incurred for reissuing of lost Training Certification Slips, printing/reprinting certificates and/or transcripts, parchment, convocation ceremony and other ad-hoc processes

12. RSI is allowed to contact the employer/ officers mentioned in the Declaration of Employment for job verification purposes if deemed necessary

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