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Canva Design for Marketing

Canva Design for Marketing is an invaluable service offered by our Training Institute. With this service, you will learn how to create professional designs for your marketing campaigns using Canva's intuitive and user-friendly interface. Our team will teach you how to leverage Canva's features to create powerful visuals that get results.

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Canva Design for Marketing

At Raffles Skills Lab International, we bring you the latest in Canva Design for Marketing, helping you create stunning visuals that will take your business to the next level. Unlock your creative potential and learn the tricks of the trade with us

Choosing Your Pathway

With our faculty and a comprehensive curriculum, you can learn the skills you need for Canva Design Program.

Academic Entry Requirements

  • Secondary 2

Other Requirements

  • Proficient in English Literacy and Writing

  • Basic Computer Literacy

  • Basic Design Knowledge


Embark on a journey of discovery with this course, where you'll unravel the essential principles of design and embark on crafting your very own marketing materials using Canva. Together, we'll guide you through the process of fashioning graphic elements that harmonize perfectly with your personal or company branding. By the end, you'll have the power to infuse your marketing endeavors with your unique touch, all thanks to the skills you'll master in this transformative experience.

Training Components:

(1) Classroom Training (8 Hours)

Adobe Illustrator for Aspiring Graphic



Module 1: Introduction to Design (1 hour, lecture)

Course Overview: - What is Design - Importance of Design - Types of Design tools and software


Design Principles (2 hours, lecture)

Course Overview: - Colors, - Typography - Images - Layout


Designing with Canva (3 house, lecture)

Course Overview: - Introduction to Canva - Canva Navigation - Canva Uses and Templates -Canva Features - Design exporting and printing


Learning Activity (2 hours, hands-on)

Course Overview: - Apply skills learned to design a simple animated social media post in its appropriate format. - Apply skills learned to design a creative Instagram social media post - Apply skills learned to design a Brochure


Fees and Funding

There are funding options available for enrolling in a course at Raffles Skills Lab International Training Center. Please contact our team for more information about the funding options available for the course you are interested in.

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