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Benefits of workplace communication

What is workplace communication?

Workplace communication is the exchange of information between employees in a work settings. This includes face-to-face conversations, emails, chat messages, videoconferencing, phone calls, and other methods used to convey information. Nonverbal communication like eye contact, body language, and tone of voice are also important aspects of workplace communication. The ability to exchange information and ideas at work is an essential skill that all of us need to have.

Let us look at some of the benefits of effective workplace communication in the below diagram:


In Summary, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically sped up digital adoption among businesses and consumers. Gearing up in the post-pandemic economy, the ability to exchange information and ideas at work at various settings is crucial. This means there are more interaction on video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams and messaging channels like WhatsApp, Linechat & Telegram. In some cases, this has also meant a shift in communication culture. Some organizations have started to move away from traditional top-down approaches to more lateral communication styles where employees are encouraged to participate in cross-company conversations.

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